A Touch of Satin pillowcases help prevent wrinkles, problems with hair loss, split ends, curly hair, dry natural hair and skin. The best satin pillowcase for a perfect night's sleep!!

A Touch of Satin. The perfect pillowcase for the perfect night's sleep.


I am most certainly not an expert on cancer. I am, however, someone who truly feels for and sympathizes with those people who are battling or have battled this horrific illness in its many forms.

It's unfortunate that hair follicles are so adversely affected by chemotherapy and radiation. When hair is either falling out during treatment, or begins to grow back, after treatment has ended, those hair follicles are extremely fragile and susceptible to breakage. Cotton, because it is naturally absorbent, pulls out the vital moisture that your hair needs in order to grow during this critical time. Cotton also creates friction, which causes the hair to weaken and dry out. Hair follicles catch in cotton fiber, causing them to split and break.

A satin pillowcase, because of its smooth, soft surface, allows those delicate hair follicles to gently glide across the surface of the pillowcase. This enables the new hair to retain moisture, promoting growth. These are a few of the reasons why The American Cancer Society recommends satin pillowcases for people who have recently gone through cancer treatments or who are currently going through them.

I know that hair loss, as a side effect of cancer treatments, is a very stressful and emotional issue for the men, women, and children who deal with it each day. I'm proud of the fact that my company and so many other companies like mine, are helping to make a difference. I'm grateful everyday for the opportunity to bring a sense of relief, comfort and hope to those people who bravely face this disease.

Let's all work together, and also pray, to see this dreadful disease eradicated in our lifetime!

Mary Clarke
A Touch Of Satin