Mommy's Kiss Pillows help your child’s boo boo's, headaches, fevers and tummy aches. Women use Mommy’s Kiss Pillows for menstrual cramps and many people use them for joint swelling and arthritis pain.

A Touch of Satin. The perfect pillowcase for the perfect night's sleep.
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When your child gets those inevitable boo boo’s, placing our Mommy’s Kiss Pillow where it hurts reassures your child that, Mom will make it all better. We all know that there is nothing quite as soothing, quite as comforting as a hug and kiss from Mom. This is especially true when your child has skinned a knee, bumped their head, bruised a hand, or is suffering with a headache, fever or a stuffy nose. Our Mommy’s Kiss Pillows help calm your child and ease your stress.

Our Mommy’s Kiss Pillow can be used either warm or cold. To warm, simply remove the inner pillow and place it in the microwave for approximately 1 minute, depending on your microwave oven. Test heat by touching, before allowing your child to use. After warming, simply place the pillow insert back into the satin pillow cover to give a warm, soothing, comforting feeling for your child’s headache, earache and tummy aches, such as colic or muscle aches and pains. The Mommy’s Kiss Pillow is also great for warming up cold hands. Women even use Mommy’s Kiss Pillows for those occasional cramps.

The pillow can also be kept in the freezer, then taken out and used cold. Simply place the Mommy’s Kiss Pillow on the area where your child has pain. The flax seed holds the perfect cold temperature to help reduce swelling from a bump on the head, a sore finger, scraped leg, sinus pressure, toothache, small minor burns, an insect bite or any bruise at all. It will also help to soothe a fever, bee stings, mild sprains and shin splints. The Mommy’s Kiss Pillow is also perfect for pain from new ear piercings. It gives comforting relief without being too cold for your child’s sensitive skin, like many ice packs are.

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