A Touch of Satin travel pillows are comfortable and supportive when you are traveling by plane or car. Our beautiful satin boudoir accent pillow enhances the décor of any room in your house.

A Touch of Satin Travel Pillows - Comfort, Relaxation & Style.
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These beautifully crafted Satin Travel Pillows and Satin Boudoir Pillows are made with the same attention to detail as our pillowcase collection using the same magnificent satin material. They are amazingly comfortable and because of the smooth satin material, your hair gently glides over it so you don't get off the plane with that "bed head" look, like you do after using that wafer thin pillow the airline sells you. 

Our travel pillows are an absolute "must have" for those long airport delays! 

A Touch Of Satin boudoir pillows are the perfect accent pillow to compliment your bed. They also make a gorgeous decorative pillow for any room in the house. Keep them on your sofa to use as the most comfortable nap pillow you've ever fallen asleep on. The pillow is designed to feel just like it is "down filled". It is hypo-allergenic, washable and dryer safe. The pillow measures 12" x 16". Small enough to take anywhere you travel and large enough to give your head complete freedom of movement. Whether your off to Sarasota, Florida, or just resting at home, you will experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation!

You can purchase the satin travel pillowcase separately, if you already own a travel pillow. We will also custom make a satin travel pillowcase to fit whatever size travel pillow you have. Call for pricing!

Our satin travel pillows also make a wonderful travel pillow for children. Kids just love that soft, smooth feeling on their faces. It helps to relax and calm them down during your travels by car or plane. 

Remember: Both satin pillowcase and pillow are completely washable. 

A Touch Of Satin travel pillows are for the person who demands the ultimate in quality, comfort and design!

* Quantities are extremely limited and may sell out quickly!

To view all of the gorgeous solid colors available for our travel/ boudoir pillow collection click on our Luxurious Solid Colors For Pillowcases page to see our beautiful neutral, earth tones and pastel colors!

Check back with us often. Our selections are constantly changing!

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