A Touch of Satin pillowcases help prevent wrinkles, problems with hair loss, split ends, curly hair, dry natural hair and skin. The best satin pillowcase for a perfect night's sleep!!

A Touch of Satin. The perfect pillowcase for the perfect night's sleep.


"My husband and I sleep with the satin pillowcases every night - they are wonderful!  My hair and skin feel fantastic on them, and after countless washings, they look and feel as good as the day I purchased them.  I also have a travel pillow that I keep in my car - it too has weathered many long road trips and is truly comfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised at the look, feel, and performance of the satin pillowcases and would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone.



Lizette G.
Medford, NJ

I received my pillow cases today and they are really beautiful!! I especially love the leopard one.


April J.
Anacortes, WA

The Therapy Wrap that I purchased is very well made and beautiful.

The Aromatherapy Eye pillow is a very nice item and extra attention to include a "Storage Bag" to help maintain scent.

Both custom size pillowcase arrived yesterday. They are perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your attention to detail and outstanding customer service. I have made a note to come back for more this Fall and for Christmas shopping. Thank you again.

I have bought several items from this shop. Each one is well made with a meticulous attention to detail. The fabric is top quality and the prints as well as the solids offer good variety. Prompt delivery and exceeded expectations every time.


Taos, New Mexico

I am treating my husband to something wonderful after all these years!!!


Carol R.
Mobile, AL

Upon receiving your exquisite cases, all I could think of was "A rhapsody in satin!". Words such as "alluring", "soothing", "cooling", "lulling", "renewing"... "seducing" even!! Who would ever think of pillow cases in this way?


By comparison, mere cotton feels like gunny sack cloth, even Egyptian feels like sandpaper! With the lullaby of your satin, we wake feeling refreshed, younger, happier. Try that with any other pillow case! Thank you!!!


Carolyn E.
Not Sleepless in Ann Arbor, MI

"Thank you so much for the eye pillow. I love it!"


Cheryl B.
Calgary Alberta, Canada

I received my beautiful pillowcases and they are even more beautiful than I imagined. I have already raved about them with friends. Thanks so much and have a great holiday season.


Christina M.
San Antonio, TX

The pillowcase is lovely. Your work is positively exquisite and the satin is luscious. I enjoyed my first night sleeping with it and will certainly enjoy this for years.

Thank you........I will pass the word!


Claire D.
Kennebunk, ME

I just had to share some feedback with you.  I've been sleeping on my new satin pillowcase for one week.  Last night I had my regular weekly massage and the massage therapist commented on how much better my hair felt, much healthier and less dry than usual.  I had also noticed this past week that my hair has looked better.  The only change in my routine over the last week has been the use of your satin pillowcase so I guess it did it's magic!  I'm thrilled.  My massage therapist, may be calling to order one for herself since she has dry hair.


Connie B.
Durhan, NC

I just have to tell you I love the hot / cold therapy wrap that I got for Christmas. I've just recently starting having pain in my back and that helps give me so much relief. I love it! And of course the pattern is beautiful!!


Dawn F.
Mantua, NJ

I have two sets of pillow cases for myself. I was hooked after the first set. I gave a set as a wedding gift and I bought a small pillow with case for my son. I also have the aromatherapy eye pillow. They are worth every penny! I sleep better. My hair and skin feel better. I would never sleep on any other pillow case again! Mary will make to order them for you as well. Don't even hesitate... you won't be disappointed. You'll wonder why you didn't get them sooner!


Debbie C.
Westmont, NJ

My fiance Michael purchased two of your ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL pillowcases for me for my birthday. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Now I am purchasing two for my mother for her birthday. Something beautiful for the mom who has everything and needs nothing, except new pillowcases! Thanks again, Mary.


Diana G.
Cherry Hill, NJ

I washed my plaid case this week following your instructions to wash and dry inside out and wow, do I wish ALL my laundry would come out of the dryer so perfectly!!! I really have noticed that my hair is really loving the satin. It (my hair) seems to stay a bit cleaner longer too, which is always great.

Thank you again Mary and I'm sure I'll be ordering more from you, now that my sister has told me how much SHE loves my moms pillowcases and eye pillow. Her birthday is in September so I've got a while. Who knows, I just may want a couple more for myself!


Diana K.
Haddonfield, NJ

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the lovely pillowcases and Mommy's Kiss pillow.
The items are gorgeous and the satin is of such a superb quality which I am not able to find here in Toronto Canada.
I am extremely pleased with your excellent product.
Best regards and well wishes for continued success with your business.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love my pillow case in the Angel's Dream color. The color is beautiful and I slept well. My hair and face love it too! I also love my eye pillow!! Great products and I am a forever customer!!


Burlington, NJ

This morning, I received the very beautiful Angel's Dream Satin pillowcases. They are lovely and the more neutral color is perfect for my decor.

Thank you for such a beautiful product!


Gloria J.
Los Angeles, CA

When I was on vacation, every day my hair kept looking worse. Even when I washed it and put gels in it didn't help. Finally near the end of the trip the light bulb went off over my head and I told my daughter I had to get home to my own bed, and to Mary's pillowcase as the hotel pillowcases were just killing my hair! I really was surprised at the noticeable difference. My poor hair was looking like straw crying out, but all is good now as I am sleeping on my satin pillowcase at home.


Janet S.
Wrightstown, NJ

I found this website completely by accident, but it ended up being the best thing to find. I was so excited just looking at all the pictures on the website that I could hardly wait to receive my products. Mary has been such a joy to work with and quite patient with me in answering all my questions and helping me with some special orders. She also worked really hard to get the items delivered in time for Valentine's Day which was greatly appreciated! As soon as the package was delivered I couldn't wait to open the box and was absolutely amazed at even the quality of the tissue wrapping on each item. You could tell that great care was taken in wrapping the products perfectly. The satin pillowcase is just exquisite and so much better than I could have imagined from just looking at the pictures. I am also so impressed with the quality workmanship! These pillowcases are worth every penny and I've already placed another order for myself!

There are not enough words to describe how satisfied I am with all of my products! I can't wait to share  these treasures with friends and family. 

Thanks again for all your help!


Jayne P
Frisco, TX

"It just arrived.  It is beautiful and fits the pillow perfectly.  I'm sure she'll be thrilled!" (Refering to a custom made body pillow pillowcase)


Jim M.
Parsippany, NJ

The eye pilow is absolutely wonderful! The color you selected was so pretty. I have become quite a fan and have told family and friends about the wonderful results I've had with it. I have no doubt I'll be placing more orders!


Judy H.
Owasso, OK

I received my new pillowcase today and wanted you to know it is awesome.....just what I was wanting.  The quality of the merchandise coupled with the expeditious shipping was appreciated.


Judy P.
Riverside, CA,

Love the pillowcases and all your personal touches. Many thanks!!


Kate B.
Lafayette, CO

Your pillowcases are beautiful ~ I will be back for more ~ Thank you!


Kathleen C.
Pembroke, MA

Hi Mary, I received the therapy wrap today. I am sitting with it heated on my shoulder. It is amazing. I love the Velcro closure on the case. I also love the satin and the pattern. Thanks so much!!


Kathy C.
Woodbridge, VA

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the eye pillows I ordered from you! Everything is perfect - from the scent to the texture to the beautiful fabrics."


Laurie C.
Houston, TX

Tuesday will be my first chemo treatment. I know I will be comfortable because my travel pillow with its beautiful satin case will be with me. Thank you Mary for making these beautiful products.


Forks Township , Pennsylvania

Cannot sleep without my satin pillowcase! I always pack one when I travel because I have become spoiled and cannot sleep on a regular case. I have given these as gifts to my Mom and sister and they always let me use the spare one when I am visiting them. Once you try these, you will understand this!!


"Just want everyone to know that these products are awesome! For anyone suffering from headaches, the eye pillows are better than meds! The peppermint one just seems to open up one's sinuses and relieves any built up tension-a great gift to give or receive".


Best products in the world and my favorite gifts to give someone. My satin pillowcase and my travel pillow go wherever I go. My eye pillows are the only things that actually give me relief when my eye arthritis flares up. The Mommy's kiss pillows are awesome to give to new Mom's. I could go on and on about these products. If you want to treat yourself or someone special to a wonderful gift, this is the place to shop!! One of my pillowcases is probably 3 years old and looks exactly as it did the day I got it.


I could write so much more about your products! I just wish people would pay attention to my words!!


Linda F.
Milford, NJ

I just had my first nights sleep on the beautiful A Touch of Satin pillowcases I bought. I just want to tell you how comfortable and soft these were. I love them so much I did  not want to get out of bed. I will be purchasing items in the future and I know these would make a great gift. Thank you so much!!


Lori C.
East Taunton, MA

"The pillowcases arrived yesterday, and I was astounded!  They are even more beautiful than I had anticipated.  I put one on my pillow last night, and was amazed at how wonderful it felt.  It was so gentle on my hair, so soft on my face.  I never knew pillowcases could be so delightful!"


Luna B.
Palencia, Spain

Awesome product, my hair looked great for the first time in the morning.


Marguerite G.
Danville, NH

I wanted to write you and thank you again for your help and to let you know that I love the satin pillowcase and the travel pillow. I am so pleased with this pillowcase; the color is beautiful and my face feels and looks so much better in the morning now. The pillow-face wrinkles are under control and my old pillow works well with it. I just couldn't adjust to the specialized pillows on the market that are supposed to help, but with your line of pillowcases, I have found the solution. Thank you so much.


 I really appreciate your call and your personal attention to my order; what a difference and what a surprise to know that there really is someone on the other end of an order who cares. Your thoughtfulness, knowledge and willingness to take extra time with an order were just a joy for me to experience. Thank you again and have a lovely week.



Marsha M.
Medina, OH

I have had satin pillowcases for a couple of years. I just love them and they've held up beautifully. I changed the colors of my bedding and wanted to update my pillowcase colors. I googled satin pillowcases and purchased my new pillowcases from another company. Their product was not even close to the quality of my old pillowcases. The fabric was heavy and coarse and had a distinct "grain"" making it feel scratchy on my skin. I later realized my old cases were purchased as a gift from A Touch of Satin, so I place an order from here instead. The fabric on A Touch of Satin cases is heavenly! So silky and luxurious. Side by side these two brands of pillowcases are like night and day, even though the prices are nearly the same. Don't bother with the "other" places. A Touch of Satin cases are the ones you want!!


Erue, CO

Thank you A Touch of Satin for helping me sleep at night! It started with the lavender eye pillow which gives me a complete sense of calm and peace-it's the perfect end to my yoga practice. After yoga it's time to sleep on my satin pillow case-what a luxury! Since I've been using them I've received multiple compliments about looking so well rested-thank you!


Nichole D.
Los Angeles, CA

(If you have a tempur-pedic pillow she can help you!) I love my pillowcase!! But even more than the pillowcase, the customer service for this company is truly phenomenal! I worked with Mary, the owner, personally for WEEKS trying to figure out the dimensions for my pillow (non-standard) because she was SO determined to get me the perfect pillowcase. And she did! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality pillowcase and even higher quality customer service :)


Houston, TX

That is great news! I got home from a business trip last night and had several messages on my home machine....I was happy to hear the last one where you said it all shipped out. Thank you for following up with an e-mail. The personal touch is what sets you apart!!! Merry Christmas!


Noreen J.
Cary, NC

"Can't sleep without them...I purchased two sets of "A Touch Of Satin" pillow cases in December 2007 and haven't been able to spend one night without them since.  They are now part of my packing list when traveling.  The quality is unsurpassed.  After eight months of tossing in the washer and dryer, nothing has frayed, torn or worn.  My hair and skin have never felt or looked better.  I have shared this secret with all of my friends.  Treat yourself and you will not be disappointed".


Patricia C.
Dublin, CA

I do absolutely love my satin pillowcases! I still take them with me on my travels, and the colors always remind me not to leave them behind.

Last month I had company for a few days, and I made up my guest room bed with the satin pillowcases. Both husband and wife commented on how nice the pillowcases felt on their faces, and the wife was astounded at how nicely her hairdo held up overnight. I hadn't mentioned the pillowcases beforehand in any way, so their praise was completely spontaneous.

I've discovered another group of folks, (in addition to travelers) who should know about your satin pillowcases. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last December and I've learned a lot since then. The people who have to do chemotherapy become very, very sensitive to anything that touches their scalp. It makes them very particular about anything that might touch their heads. Your satin pillowcases would be PERFECT for anyone whose scalp has become super-sensitive due to chemotherapy -- men/women/children dealing with cancer of any kind. For the people who wish they could do something for the cancer patient, THIS IS IT!!! Your satin pillowcase would be a lovely surprise and appreciated beyond description!

I really do think cancer patients and their supporters should know about your satin pillowcases. Aside from their beauty and quality, they are perfect for sensitive heads that need comfort, care and rest.

The medication I am taking is changing my hair somewhat, making it a bit drier, finer, and more brittle. That's made me love my satin pillowcases even more! Thank you for taking a very elegant fabric and turning it into such exquisite pillowcases. (I swear I can feel the care in every stitch.) I can't imagine ever using anything else!

P.S. Don't forget to get your mammogram!


Paula E.
Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing better than satin . So smooth and soft!!


Newcastle Upon Tyne , England

I was so very impressed by the beautiful Website....I bought a gorgeous satin pillowcase for myself..since I knew "NO ONE" was buying me anything I wanted..and I also bought the satin eye pillow with lavender...I spoke to Mary ..The Owner..I don't remember the last time I spoke to an OWNER of a company. I was so very impressed. The next morning..I asked her to send the eye pillow to my Daughter in NY..I felt she could use it more than me..It is good for anxiety..insomnia..just allows you to relax and unwind....I am widowed and recently remarried..and have moved cross country..It's been a very hard transition..Sleeping on this amazingly comforting and beautiful pillowcase ..just filled me with love and pleasure. It is wonderful for my skin..and I hear also my hair..I LOVE IT..I sleep on it every night..and It is MY gift to Myself..and I Deserve It....I am passing out Mary's Cards to the few friends I have made so far..They also deserve it..It's so beautiful ..truly awesome! I love it..and will be back as soon as I can. Thank you Mary..It is just lovely..and so are You!


Randi K.
East Lansing, Michigan

I now have purchased three sets of pillow cases from A Touch of Satin, each set a different solid color. They are just beautiful -- the thickest, smoothest, finest satin that I ever have seen. They arrived carefully -- I dare say lovingly -- packaged with multiple sheets of tissue paper. Each shipment was accompanied by a personal note from Mary Clarke, who sounds like the sweetest, kindest person with whom I have had the pleasure to do business. Most recently, I needed to match the color of newly purchased sheets. I sent Mary a link to the sheet pattern. She then selected three possible color matches and sent me samples of each one, which made it easy to pick the most complementary color. Mary, her products and her website are gems!


Santa Clarita, California

I have been using Mary's Aromatherapy Eye Pillows for years since the first time I found her at the Haddonfield Craft Fair. They are absolutely wonderful. I have 4 of them now. Whenever I travel or stay over anywhere I take one with me. Can't really sleep without one. The Lavender scent is my favorite. I also suffer from migraine headaches and could not be without the Satin Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps. I have two of those (the new giraffe print is gorgeous). When a migraine hits me I run to the freezer (after taking my meds), pull out the therapy wrap, cover my eyes and forehead and immediately begin to feel better. Mary's products are very high quality and very beautiful to say the least. I could not recommend them more highly.


Mt. Laurel, NJ

I received my beautiful pillowcase this morning. It is perfect!! You do beautiful work, and now, I will not have a line on my face from the hem!!

I may order another one from you next week. Since I found your website, I have not used any other pillowcase. I am hooked!!

Thanks again!


Medina, OH

Beautifully crafted satin pillowcases. Amazing material perfectly sewn. Incredibly happy and highly recommend.


Tara Lee
Edithvale, Australia

My two pillowcases just arrived, and they are so pretty. I had previously purchased two solid colours, this time I purchased two prints, so now I can mix and match. I love them! I always take one with me when I travel. I cannot sleep without them. Thanks again. Theresa

 My third time buying Your Satin pillowcases....I love them. Thank You! 


Theresa J.
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Just a quick thank you to you for our pillow cases! They look and feel fantastic! 
We are so happy with them. I'm so glad we chose you to buy through you. They got here quicker than I expected too :) 


Tiffany M.
NSW, Australia

Thank you for such a wonderful product. The quality is amazing and the color of the pillowcases I purchased (Tahitian Green) is so beautiful. I noticed that my hair and skin don't crease when I wake up in the morning. I'll definitely purchase more items in the future.


Tracy S.
San Diego, CA

The travel pillows are amazing....I have them in every room of my house.. literally every room....would recommend them to will not regret!!!


Tricia C.
Sarasota, Florida

I just wanted you to know that my son just ordered a satin travel pillow for his sister. We're "A Touch of Satin" family!!!


Valerie B.
Haydenville, MA

"I received a set of "A Touch of Satin" pillowcases from a dear friend earlier this year when she learned of my cancer diagnosis and prescribed chemotherapy treatments. They were just the right thing for me. The satin fabric is very luxurious and comfortable and would be a wonderful gift anytime, especially for those dealing with health issues. I also had problems sleeping because of my illness so I started using one of their eye pillows and am happy to say that I haven't needed any sleep aid medications in a long time now. I just love them. I hope you have an opportunity to try one of the many lovely items offered on A Touch of Satin's website as a treat for yourself or when shopping for others".


Vicki N.
Chester, VA


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