Our Hot and Cold Therapeutic Wraps help back and neck pain, soothe arthritis pain, relieve joint stiffness and inflammation, sore muscles, sprains, tendonitis, headaches, bursitis, stress and tension.

Hot or Cold Therapy Wraps ... What's Right for You?
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Heat and cold are recommended treatments for helping relieve pain, swelling and tenderness of sore muscles, arthritis, stress, strained joints and related injuries.

Our Therapy Wraps applied Hot help:

● Back, neck and joint pain

● Muscle strains

● Arthritis pain

● Bursitis and stiffness

● Relieve tight muscles resulting from stress and tension

● Increase mobility and range of motion

● Improve flexibility in tendons and ligaments

● Menstrual cramping

● Soothe cold hands, feet and body chills

Our Therapeutic wraps stay warm because we use heat retaining natural, 100% organic flax seed.

Deeply penetrating warmth helps to relax muscles, soothing joints and arthritis, providing maximum benefit from each treatment.

Our Therapy Wraps applied Cold help:

● Reduce inflammation and pain

● Relieve aching joints

● Sprains

● Tendonitis

● Migraines and headaches

● Reduce swelling after surgical procedures

● Muscle spasms, pulls and strains

● Bumps and bruises

Our Therapeutic wraps stay cold because we use cold retaining natural, 100% organic flax seed. Our perfect temperature cool wrap helps to relax muscles and reduce swelling and inflammation providing maximum benefit from each treatment.

Keep wraps in the freezer, in a Ziplock bag, for cold therapy.

Our hot and cold therapy wraps are recommended by and sold by physicians!!!!

Our unique design combines a wonderfully smooth, charmeuse satin outer cover with a soft cotton insert inside. A Velcro closure insures the insert will stay in place.

We use charmeuse satin, the finest, most luxurious satin available for our outer cover. Charmeuse satin feels amazing on your skin and is completely washable and dryer safe.

The cotton insert is sewn in three sections, each filled with all natural, 100% organic flax seed.
The entire cotton insert is triple stitched to insure that all of the flax seed will stay in the individual sections to give maximum relief and distribute the heat or cold evenly.

What’s right for you, Hot or Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy is normally recommended by doctors to help reduce swelling and relieve pain directly following an injury.

Heat therapy is normally recommended after the swelling has subsided. Warmth helps speed the healing process.

A good rule of thumb is to use cold therapy for the first 48-72 hours (acute period), or until after swelling and pain have peaked. Thereafter, heat therapy may be more advisable, as one enters the sub-acute phase (3-7 days), or for prolonged symptoms lasting beyond a week.

If in doubt as to whether to apply heat or cold to an injury, call your health care provider.

* Always check the temperature to avoid extremes that might harm the skin.

Heat Effect

When heat is applied to a stiff or rigid muscle, ligament or tendon area it can help the area to relax. When the area is relaxed the body can send more oxygen to the area to help it to heal or reduce pain and soreness. This allows a greater range of motion in the joint area for easier movement.