A travel pillow with a satin pillowcase with splashes of black and white vertical lines. The pillow measures 12" x 16".

Best Pillow. Take for Hotel Stays. Comfortable, Washable, Fits Easily.

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Best pillow to take for hotel stays. Fits easily in your carryon bag and is extremely comfortable.

Pillowcase and pillow are washable and dryer safe. 

Our pillowcase is made from luxurious charmeuse satin.

The pillow is designed to feel "down filled" and it is hypo-allergenic.

Proudly Made by A Touch of Satin in the USA!! 

The pillow measures 12" x 16".

Use as a boudoir pillow and have the perfect accent pillow to compliment your bed and bedroom. They also make a gorgeous decorative pillow for any room in the house.

You can purchase the satin pillowcase separately, if you already own a travel pillow.