A Touch of Satin pillowcases help prevent wrinkles, problems with hair loss, split ends, curly hair, dry natural hair and skin. The best satin pillowcase for a perfect night's sleep!!

A Touch of Satin. The perfect pillowcase for the perfect night's sleep.

Our Amazing Collection of Sleep and Relaxation Products Include:

A Touch of Satin Gift Certificate
Queen Size Satin Pillowcases

All of our pillowcases are sewn using the most wonderfully smooth satin material available. Our sleep and relaxation products are made for the discriminating buyer, who doesn’t want to compromise on quality, beauty or comfort.

Our magnificent collection of Satin Pillowcases, or Satin Pillow Slips are available in various sizes from standard, queen and king.

  • Black and White Satin Pillowcases offer beautiful, classy and unique black and white color schemes.
  • Luxurious Solid Colors for Pillowcases
    come in an amazing selection of soft earth tones, gorgeous neutral colors and vivid pastels.

A Touch of Satin Aromatherapy Eye Pillows and Yoga Eye
are filled with organically grown flax seed
and either organically grown lavender buds & essential lavender oils or organically grown peppermint leaves & essential peppermint oils.

*** Now Shipping Internationally***

Benefits of sleeping on satin:

  • Prevents split ends
  • Controls fly-aways
  • Maintains moisture balance
    & allows hair to breathe
  • Minimizes wrinkles on your face
  • Cancer Treatments & Hair Loss