Happy Mother's Day Memories!!

Memories! What we hold in our minds or hearts to remind us of people who have impacted us. Special moments that we've experienced in our lives. A recollection.

There are few memories that we hold more dear to us, that are more tender, then those of our Mothers. 

Your Mom was the one that pushed you into this world. You might not have thought the time was right but Mom sure knew the time was perfect for you to start your life. 

She nursed you, cleaned and bathed you. She picked out your outfits to wear and then put them on you. Mom smiled at your smiles, soothed your tears and embraced your fears away. When she was happy with you, there was nothing better. When she was disappointed in you, there was nothing worse.

Mom was the one who had seen it all, done a lot of it and had the experience and sage advice to get you through anything. Even if you didn't agree with her and fought with her to make your point. Even if you rejected her wisdom, you always knew in your heart that she was most likely right and she was ALWAYS looking out for your best interest.

Through the years there has still been nothing to compare to that look of approval, that smile, that twinkle of her eye that Mom would give. She could either fix everything or convince you that time would heal, time would overcome, anything. Mom was right!!!

So, on this coming Mother's Day, give her a hug, give her that smile, give her that overwhelming sense of love that she has given to you. If you can't see her in person, call her up and if she's not here anymore, look up to heaven and blow her a kiss. and tell her you love her. 

When I look up to heaven, as I often do, I know my Mom will be hearing me and sending a kiss and hug back down to me. A memory, feeling of her cheek, touching my cheek as she would kiss me.

Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful Moms.

Warmest wishes,



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