About Us

I had been making satin pillowcases for my children and family members for a number of years. Some of my friends commented on how great my pillowcases looked and felt. That Christmas I decided to make a few sets and give them as gifts. Everyone seemed to really like them and many friends urged and encouraged me to start up my own business. That was just the push I needed. I took their advice and “A Touch of Satin” was born. I can't believe its been almost 20 years now!

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would turn into something that would give me so much joy and such a feeling of accomplishment. Each year I marvel at the thought of so many people opening up Christmas presents that were made by my company. I love the fact that new brides are sleeping on a set of our satin pillowcases that were given to them as wedding gifts. To receive letters from people whose sinus and sleep issues were aided by our aromatherapy eye pillows is extremely gratifying and to know that people are traveling all over the world and resting their heads on our travel pillows is more than I ever expected. 

To be honest with you though, knowing that someone, a very dear friend of mine, suffering from hair loss due to the ravages of cancer treatments is getting comfort and a sense of relief from one of my pillowcases is, quite frankly, overwhelming to me. There have been countless hours of late night sewing, traveling by trains searching for fabrics and craft shows in the rain to show my products. I realize now, that all of those times brought me to the moment of making something that is bringing comfort to a very special friend, and that, for me, has made it all worth while. I never would have imagined that scenario happening and because of that I will be eternally grateful to all of my family and friends who believed in me, and encouraged me to pursue my dream and turn it into a reality. Things truly do happen for a reason!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of our amazing customers and dear friends. I promise to continue to bring you the finest, most luxurious and unique products available with the same outstanding quality and attention to detail that you have come to expect from us.

With My Deepest Gratitude and Sincere Appreciation,

Mary Clarke