What Valentine's Day Means to Me!

I am grateful that my very first blog is to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day surely means different things to different people. In many cultures, it's a day to express romance to a significant other. In other cultures, it's more a day to acknowledge friendships of all kinds and express their love and affection to partners, family and friends.
To me, it's a way to acknowledge what someone truly means to you and how they have impacted your heart in a way that few people have. 
This Valentine's Day I want to specifically acknowledge my granddaughter Sophie. She refers to me as her Sista Sista, twin, double double, lion (from the Wizard of Oz) as well as her Grandma. She lights up my day when I see her face, she makes me smile when I hear her voice and she makes my life a much happier place simply because she's in it. 
Here is a toast to all the Mom's, sisters, husbands, boyfriends, best friends, kids and grandkids. Those people that make your day a little bit brighter and life much more exciting and joyful because they are in it.
Happy Valentine's Day Sophie!!
I love you! 

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  • Thank you grandma for those kind words I love you so much you are the best grandma a granddaughter could ask for I love you twin double double sista sista lion I also love you too scarecrow pop-pop chef. Love Sophie the princess the one and only princess.

    Sophie Clarke

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