Heating warmer with a blue cover and gold flowers. Behind the warmer is a cotton insert. The insert is sewn in three different sections. The insert has a gold color cover.

Chair, Bed and Pillow Heating Warmer for Sore Backs and Stiff Neck.

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Sore backs, stiff necks pain relief.

Satin cover. Washable, dryer safe. Soft cotton insert. Made in three sections with organic flaxseed. Maximum targeted moist heat therapy.

Size: 15" x 7". Weight: 1lb. 8oz. 

Handmade by A Touch of Satin in the USA!
The perfect chair, bed or pillow warmer.

A Velcro closure ensures the insert will stay in place. 

A Touch of Satin's unique design cotton insert with organic flaxseed gives soothing, targeted heating for natural pain relief.

Do NOT microwave outer satin cover. Only the cotton insert.  

Keep wraps in the freezer, in a Ziploc bag, for cold therapy. 

*** We use Organic flaxseed because as a heating element it contains the highest oil content of heatable grain options. 40% of the flaxseed is made up of natural oils. Organic flaxseed not only has the longest life of all options, it also has the most therapeutic effect because of the oil having the moistest heat. When the flaxseed is warmed our therapy wrap gives off soothing, relaxing moist heat. Rice, buckwheat and corn can dry out and even cook so it can give off a food odor. Rice and other grains absorb odors from microwaves in addition to breaking down sooner. 100% organic also means that no harmful pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing process.