Satin material in a solid pewter color. The material is swirled.

Pewter Gray Satin Pillowcases. The Ultimate Luxury Bedding Gift.

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Pewter Gray pillowcases. Made from luxurious charmeuse satin. Finished with beautiful French seams.

The ultimate luxury bedding gift!

A Touch of Satin Pillowcases Are EASY CARE.

What I mean by that is, they are machine washable and safe to put into your dryer. When the pillowcases are dry you remove them from the dryer and simply put them back on your pillows. I have very easy washing and drying instructions which are printed into each pillowcase label. As I said, “Easy Care”.

Silk pillowcases should be hand washed, possibly a few times, then rinsed by hand, then they need to be laid out flat to dry and not in direct sunlight. Silk pillowcases can never be put in your dryer. This sounds like High Maintenance.


A Few Benefits of Sleeping on My Charmeuse Satin Pillowcases.

My charmeuse satin pillowcases help fight wrinkles, fine line creases, frown, and smile lines. 

They help split ends, frizzes, bedhead, tangles and minimize hair breakage. My pillowcases especially help color treated, chemically processed, curly and dry natural hair as well as fragile hair follicles because of alopecia.

A Touch of Satin pillowcases also help you retain vital moisture and oils so necessary to give your hair that healthy shine and feel and your skin, that radiant glow.

Because the pillowcase is luxuriously smooth, it causes less friction, so your hair glides across the charmeuse satin, which also protects your eyelashes and eyebrows. This also makes it much gentler on your face and neck, especially on sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

You will have a better, more restful sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and well rested.

What About the Quality of My Products?

I am A Touch of Satin. I hand make every single item that I sell. There aren’t 50, 100, 500 people working in some plant making anything for me.

There are companies that say they’re handmade then say “another” company has “helped” them in manufacturing. “Helped”? What does that even mean?

I’ve been making my sleep and relaxation products for over 15 years.

I am meticulous in the way I measure my material and the way the stitches look on all of my products. I have remade items simply because I just wasn't happy with the way a few stitches looked. I'm quite sure my customer wouldn't have had a problem with it and in most cases probably would never have even noticed, but I noticed, and it matters to me.

I will not ship any of my sleep and relaxation products if they are not perfect!

There is a great deal of pride and caring that goes into everything I make.

That is why, not once in the 15 plus years I have been in business has an item been sent back to me because of any defect or flaw in quality or workmanship. Not one. I don’t believe there are many companies that can make that statement.

I believe that tells you all you need to know about the quality of my A Touch of Satin products.

I am A Touch of Satin and proud to say that everything I sell is handmade by ME in the USA!

Choose A Touch of Satin for the ultimate in sleeping comfort! Your hair and skin will thank you each morning! 

Standard Pillowcase Size: 20” x 28”

Queen Pillowcase Size: 20” x 31”

King Pillowcase Size: 20” x 39”

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