Satin pillowcase with black etched flowers and black leaves on an ivory satin background.

Satin Pillowcase Standard. Help Thinning Hair, Fragile New Hair Follicles

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Standard satin pillowcase. Black with ivory flower design.

Gentle on thinning hair, new hair follicles damaged by chemotherapy. 

Made from the finest charmeuse satin. 

My pillowcases are handmade and are Easy Care. Machine washable and safe to put into your dryer

Silk pillowcases should be hand washed and then rinsed by hand. High Maintenance.

A Touch of Satin pillowcases help fight wrinkles, fine line creases, frown, and smile lines. 

They also help you retain vital moisture and oils so necessary to give your beautiful hair that healthy shine and your skin, that radiant glow.

Face life’s challenges knowing you are looking and feeling your best!!

Finished with French seams. 

Satin pillowcases are recommended by dermatologists and renowned hair stylists and the American Cancer Society.

Custom orders are available and encouraged. I love making new, challenging items and sizes!

Choose A Touch of Satin for the ultimate in sleeping comfort! Your hair and skin will thank you each morning!